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PLEASE review the Living with Fire website link
Simple things like
can we get to your home ?
Fire apparatus are 11 feet high 8 feet wide and 30 feet long !
cleaning around your buildings
mowing weeds and grass
trimming trees to break the ladder effect
leave garden hoses attached to outside yard hydrants ~Bill



Chief Jane McSweeney - FOUNDING MEMBER
Asst. Chief David Hamilton - 6 years
Captain Bill McSweeney - FOUNDING MEMBER
1st Lt. Anna Hamilton - 5 years
2nd Lt. Kyle Ontiveros - 2 years
EMS Lt. Eleanore Nestlerode - 5 years
Firefighter Johnny Gonzales - 6 years
Wildland FF Kimberly McSweeney - 5 years
Firefighter Mat Guhl 2 years
Firefighter Manny Vigil 2 years
Wildland FF Devon Rogers 2 years
Wildland FF Devin Henderson 2 years
Trainee Catherine Landry new
Trainee Alex Garcia new
Trainee Jordan Pound new

Catherine (McSweeney)Patty - Secretary - 2 years


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