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Glorieta Fire News

Glorieta Pass Fire District is
ALL Volunteer
We currently only have 10 members
5 live in the district
that represents less than of 1% of the residents
in our district which includes the communities of
Glorieta Estates 2 members
Glorieta Conference Center
La Jolla 2 members
La Cueva
Valencia 1 member
And the Hwy 50 corridor
WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS 505-757-6800 505-490-0541



Chief David Hamilton - 11 years

Asst. Chief Jane McSweeney - FOUNDING MEMBER

Captain Bill McSweeney - FOUNDING MEMBER

EMS Captain Eleanore Nestlerode - 9 years

1st Lt. Anna Hamilton - 9 years

FF/EMt Ben Bradway 2 years

FF Fernando Roybal 4 years

Member Anna Bowles 1 year

Member Mariah Anderson 1 year

Catherine McSweeney- Secretary - 6 years


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