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Glorieta Pass Fire District is
ALL Volunteer
We currently only have 10 members
5 live in the district
that represents less than ½ of 1% of the residents
in our district which includes the communities of
Glorieta Estates 2 members
Glorieta Conference Center
La Jolla 2 members
La Cueva
Valencia 1 member
And the Hwy 50 corridor
WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS 505-757-6800 505-490-0541


Our History

Glorieta Pass has been serving the community for 25 years. We actually started having organizational meetings in September of 1983, but it was February of 1984 when we were officially recognized by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Frank Baca, a member of the Glorieta Conference Center FD recognized that the conference center equipment was set up to work from hydrants, something most of the Glorieta District still does not have. Frank along with Bill & Jane McSweeney started talking to community members and surrounding fire departments about how we could have our own department. Frank & Rose and their whole family were involved in the department in one way or the other, fire fighting, fundraising, building …

The first meetings were held at Phil & Shorty Trujillo’s home. We soon had 20-25 people interested in either being a volunteer firefighter or helping with the organization or construction of the station. We continued to meet in the Trujillo’s, Lobato’s, Baca’s and other member’s homes until the station was completed.

One of these couples was Joe & Alice Lobato, who volunteered their home as a dispatch location and a place to park our first fire engine until the station was built.

Alice was our first dispatcher and Joe helped with construction of the station, starting the truck before calls, clearing snow off in the winter…Dispatching back then was a real challenge, we did not have Enhanced 911 or even 911 in the Pecos Valley…

After Joe passed away, we honored them by naming the building the Lobato Station.

Our first engine was a 1952 Diamond T FMC Fire Apparatus, donated to us by the Hondo Fire District. After making some repairs to this apparatus this truck served Glorieta for 3 years before being replaced by a “loaner” from Santa Fe County. We also purchased another apparatus from Hondo a 1956 FWD which Hondo had purchased from a department in Long Island NY! This apparatus served us until 1999 and is now a parade truck for the County.

In 1985 the Glorieta Conference Center donated land for us to build a fire station and the County Chiefs Association authorized $ 40,000 for materials. Many community members helped with the station. Some of the members were contractors, some just had experience building their own homes. William A. McSweeney (Bill’s dad) was an Architect from NJ, designed the station and got with a local architect to file the plans. Many community members brought food for the weekend building sessions or contributed to the bake sales that went on for several years to raise extra money for supplies and fuel for the fire trucks. The station was closed in by December of 1985, but we did not finish the interior for another year.

In 1986 with a donation from Los Pinos Ranch, we purchased radio equipment that allowed us to finish qualifications for an ISO 9 (Insurance Service Organization), this meant more State funding for the department. See more about insurance and ISO in another section of the web site.
In 1989 we purchased our first “new” fire apparatus, a 1987 Ford / FMC with a 1250 GPM pump and 1000 gallon tank. It was a demo model we could afford, and replaced the “loaner” that broke down at a fire. This apparatus is still in service in the department.

In 1992, after more training, certification, more apparatus, better gear, and a good relationship with the Glorieta Conference Center we were inspected again by ISO and received a rating of 5-9.

Since 1992 we have added a 1992 Chevy 4x4 Rescue, a 1992 Chevy Tanker carrying 1500 gallons, a 1995 4x4 International Engine with a 1250 Gallon per Minute (GPM) pump and 1000 gallon tank, a 2002 Freightliner Tanker with a 500 GPM pump and 1800 gallon tank and a 2007 Ford Brush Truck.

With the help of one of our members, Julian Garcia, we have obtained a site for Station 2 from the Highway Dept. in the La Jolla area.

More history to come…

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