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Glorieta Pass Fire District is
ALL Volunteer
We currently only have 10 members
5 live in the district
that represents less than of 1% of the residents
in our district which includes the communities of
Glorieta Estates 2 members
Glorieta Conference Center
La Jolla 2 members
La Cueva
Valencia 1 member
And the Hwy 50 corridor
WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS 505-757-6800 505-490-0541


Our Services

Glorieta Pass Volunteer Fire and Rescue is an all volunteer district of the Santa Fe County Fire Department. Our members provide fire response and emergency medical services from our main station in the village of Glorieta, with 6 pieces of apparatus (see photos in "About Us") covering the areas of Glorieta, Glorieta Estates, Glorieta Conference Center, Valencia, La Jolla, La Cueva, State Road 50 from Glorieta to the Santa Fe Couny line, and I-25 from milepost 296 to milepost 303.

We also provide and receive mutual aid response to and from Hondo, El Dorado, and Galisteo in Santa Fe County, and in the Pecos Valley to the village of Pecos, and to Pecos Canyon, Rowe, Ilfeld. Because of our proximity to wilderness and to a very active interstate highway, several of our members are trained in advanced technical skills. For more, please see the Training section on this site.

Our members range in experience from several months to 38 years. Our membership experience includes EMS levels from basic first aid and CPR, to EMT-I level (Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate). Our fire response ranges from new recruits to Firefighter II, Advanced Pump Operations, Fire Officer 2, Wildand Engine Boss, and more.

Insurance Information

April of 2012, the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) inspected Glorieta Pass Fire District, Santa Fe County. ISO is a private company who inspects communities, fire districts, and businesses. They make recommendations to insurance companies about the capability of the fire protection systems in these areas. Their rating goes from a Class1, of which there are only a couple of dozen in the country, to a Class 10, which is basically a community with no fire protection.

November of 2009 we received the results of our inspection and we received an ISO 4

The rating is based on the districts fire protection equipment & training, the local water supply, and the communication center that dispatches the fire district.

What that means is if your house is within 1000 feet of a qualifying fire hydrant your fire insurance could be considerably less than the cost of a property located outside 1000 feet of a qualifying fire hydrant. The second part of the rating- Class 8-B means that if your property is more than 1000 feet of a qualifying fire hydrant it could be a much greater risk to insure

In the last 10 15 years ISO came up with a new formula. Based on fire records they found that many residential fires are controlled with 4000 gallons that arrive on the first alarm apparatus. This rating is known as an B. Any residential structure within 5 miles of a fire station in a fire district that has this rating could qualify for the B rating.

This can mean substantial savings on your insurance bill IF your insurance company recognizes this new rating.

We recommend you discuss this with your insurance agent. Local insurance agencies are much more likely to understand the local rural water situation in New Mexico and work with you to get the lower rate.

For more information & help on this issue, you can contact the Fire Prevention Division at 505- 995-6523

To request information, or to give us your feedback, please use our easy web site form: Click here.


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